Our kids Krav Maga program is focused on developing confidence, resilience, self-esteem, respect, discipline while providing realistic and efficient self-defense skills for life. Kids who continue practicing Krav Maga exude an attitude of self-assurance which makes them unlikely targets to bullying.

Kids and youth Krav Maga teaching methods contain elements of game and playfulness thus encouraging fun learning environment, where students look forward to their lessons. Through competitive drills, team games and obstacle courses kids learn essential striking fundamentals required for Krav Maga defenses.

Another essential element to Krav Maga training is student safety. Students do not strike each other but training pads and training dummies. Safe practice is a priority for our school.

Various topics from bullying, abduction, ground defenses are covered. We explore and address physical as well as physiological and instinctual behavior to attacks and defenses. Kids learn what an appropriate response in each situation is. After all, our emphasis is always on avoiding confrontation at all cost and defending only when physical conflict cannot be avoided.

Physical fitness is another essential element of our Krav Maga program. We encourage students to develop strong and healthy bodies through fun warmups and drills. In the age of digital entertainment, children flock to computer screens, and their lives are sedentary compared to BC (before computers) era.