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Why choose Alpha Force Krav Maga

Alpha Force is a team of passionate Krav Maga instructors, practitioners, and trainers who believe in our core values: Integrity, Loyalty, and Strength. We strive to inspire students to find their fighting spirit, empower them with tools and techniques, and grow them as individuals able to help and defend others. We are a part of an International Krav Maga association – KRAVolution, which provides further training, support, and instruction to our local chapter. Our International team is spearheaded by the world's most sought-after experts: Megan Cohen Berkman, who has practiced and taught Krav Maga for over 30 years; and Jean-Paul Jauffret, who has more than 20 years of experience and teaches Krav Maga to the French Foreign Legion.

Our Vision: To be recognized as the highest standard Krav Maga school in So Cal that values building confidence and self-defense skills for everyone.

Experience and Certified

All Krav Maga instructors have been tested and certified through KRAVolution. Our lead instructor has over 20 years of Krav Maga experience and certified under IKMF and KRAVoutlion. Our Strength and Conditioning trainer, David, is certified through NASM, NESTA, and has a Bachelor of Science in Sports Health & Exercise.

Passionate and Dedicated

We love what we do! We train Krav Maga because we believe in the system. We teach Krav Maga because we think it is essential to defending oneself. Since its inception, Krav Maga was created out of necessity: finding a solution for the physical violence problem.

Guaranteed Results

We feel confident that you will see results. Whether you want to get back into shape, improve confidence, or generally feel better that if you do not think that way before you complete with your first session - we will refund your money. No questions asked.

KRAVolution Best Self-Defense system in the world


Our system is tested, checked, and improved by experts around the world to meet the requirements of real life.

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KRAVolution Best Self-Defense system in the world

Our history

It begins! For personal reasons, Head Instructor seeks self-defense resulting into various achievements including a first-degree black belt in Soo Bahk Do (2003), National Sparring Championship (2008), Expert 2 in Krav Maga (2017), teaching with daughter (2017) and privately owned school (2018).
  • First Degree Dan# 44883 (2003)
  • Civilian Krav Maga Instructor (2007)
  • Kids Instructor (2012)
  • Women's Self-Defense Instructor (2013)
  • Law Enforcement Fighter 1 (2014)
  • Krav Maga Expert (2015)
  • VIP Third Party Protection Instructor (2016)
  • Krav Maga Expert 2 (2017)
  • KRAVolution State Manager - California (2018)
KRAVolution Best Self-Defense system in the world

Our history

With no IKMF instructor courses available in the USA, Nancy traveled to Montreal, Canada in 2006 and 2007 for instructor training. Several months later tested for graduate rank. Having suffered a broken ankle during the last few minutes of testing, Nancy still gathered the courage to receive a certificate and continue training and teaching Krav Maga. Safety is a #1 priority so that no student will have to undergo this type of injury.
  • 2006 Civilian Part 1
  • 2007 Civilian Part 2
  • 2012 Kids Instructor Certification (IKMF)
  • 2013 Women's Instructor Certification
  • 2014 Law Enforcement Certification
  • 2017 VIP Third Party Bronze/Silver
  • 2018 Kids Instructor Certification (KRAVolution)
KRAVolution Best Self-Defense system in the world

Our history

More training, more traveling. Nancy continued to train and visit other schools around the world.
  • Israel Tour-N-Train 2010
  • Norway Summer Camp 2011
  • Israel "G"raduate Training Camp 2012
  • Israel "E"xpert Training Camp 2014
  • Israel "E"xpert Training Camp 2015
  • Israel "E"xpert Training Camp 2017
  • Israel Traveloution 2019-2020
KRAVolution Best Self-Defense system in the world

Our history

Nancy continues to train hard with teaching and traveling, earning Expert 1 in 2015 and Expert 2 in 2017 in Israel. Daughter Sydney starts Krav Maga for a couple of months that results in Instructor certification. Passion for teaching Krav Maga turns out to be a family affair.
  • 2014 Sydney Begins Training
  • 2017 Sydney Earns Instructor Certifcation
  • 2015 Nancy tests for Expert 1 in Israel
  • 2017 Nancy tests for Expert 2 in Israel
KRAVolution Best Self-Defense system in the world

Our history

After training and teaching under other affiliations and schools, Nancy and Sydney join forces to open Alpha Force Krav Maga under the global association of KRAVolution. We are dedicated to teach, inspire, and help grow individuals to be confident and have a robust tactical mindset.
  • 2017 Join KRAVolution
  • 2017 Appointed State Manager of California
  • 2018 Open Doors in Poway
KRAVolution Best Self-Defense system in the world

Our history

We work to inspire change in paradigm, through personal empowerment and growth. Our mission is to help people find the courage to overcome obstacles to their physical or emotional peace and safety. We focus on YOUR individual approach to training, tailoring the training based on specific threats faced in your personal, school, or work environment.
  • Individualize goals
  • Small group training
  • Tactical training
  • Adapt to a person's needs
  • Essential for Everyone
  • Available to Everybody
  • “So that one may walk in peace.” - Imi Lichtenfeld
1999 2007 2010-2012 2014-2017 2017-2018 2019-
Expert Krav Maga
Hello, I'm Nancy Stroud, a Krav Maga Expert trainer based in San Diego, dedicated to getting people feeling more confident and secure through tactical training in a safe environment.
Nancy Stroud
Co-Owner / Head Instructor
Hello, I'm Sydney Stroud, a Krav Maga instructor based in San Diego. Without intention, I ended up making Krav Maga a regular part of my life, and I am now committed to helping everyone have the confidence to walk alone and stand tall.
Sydney Stroud
Co-Owner / Instructor
Hello, I'm David, the designer behind TBTP FIT (a style of Strength & Conditioning) which incorporates Strength Training mixed with the high intensity. My goal to help the non-athlete become an elite athlete through efficient training while reaping the highest levels of fitness.
David Contreras
Certified Personal Trainer
Nancy Stroud Co-Owner / Lead Instructor Sydney Stroud Co-Owner / Instructor David Contreras Certified Personal Trainer